So, you want to know a little bit more about Brandyn Blaze, eh?

Well, good news! You’re in the right place! I promise I won’t drag this on for 200 pages, although it would be incredibly easy to do!

To understand who I am today, we must take a quick look at my past.

When I was a small child, I would dictate stories to my grandmother, which she would lovingly write down for me. Over the years, I became fond of using the family camcorder to record my songs, stories, and silly little plays. My imagination was always firing and the more I allowed it to run amuck, the more amuck it ran.

As I got older, my passion for creating art–be it in the form of a poem, a short story, a song, or something more crafty–continued to grow. I knew deep down in my soul that the only thing I wanted to do was add beauty to the world. Being a natural-born dreamer, I envisioned a life sustained by a patch-work career. I’d release books and movies and CDs. I’d run a record store, a bar and grill, and a recording studio. I’d start a few charities. I would do it all! By the age of 13 I had it all mapped out and created the stage name, Brandyn Blaze.

However, life doesn’t always proceed along the path we’ve mapped out. I took a small detour to go to college and obtained 3 Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology, Sociology, and Human Services. During this time, I also played in a local band, writing music and performing whenever I could, and continued to write fiction on the side.

I then got a “real job” and continued juggling all of my creative pursuits, never giving up hope that one day I would be living the life of my dreams.

At 25, I became a mother and my whole world changed. I opted to stay home with my daughter and decided to devote whatever free time I could find to my writing. I started a little blog called Life, Motherhood, And The Pursuit Of Happiness–which I’ve since removed–where I discussed everything from parenting to self-care and encouraged mothers to hang onto their identity and follow their hearts.

So why the new blog?

The answer is quite simple, really. I am not the kind of person who likes to be kept in a box. I needed freedom to explore a greater variety of topics, to showcase my work, and to keep my fans updated on exciting events, such as book releases.

I also wanted to reach a wider audience. Each and every one of us has a dream of some sort, and those dreams should not be ignored. It is my hope that in sharing my journey I can somehow inspire others to find fulfillment.

As long as you’re still breathing, it’s not too late to start living!


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