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Branching Out: Finding My Place As A Hobby Collector

Hi, my name is Brandyn and I’m a hobby collector.

What’s a hobby collector you ask?

Well, I am the sort of person who is constantly trying out new things, especially when it comes to artsy endeavors. My office is jam-packed with boxes and totes full of supplies for various projects, half-finished products, and random things “I can use someday”. My bookshelves are lined with how-to’s and instructionals on a wide array of subjects. My notebooks are filled with sketches and lists of new ideas and the supplies I would need to bring them to life. When I get set on something, I get set on something and it is my only focus…until something new comes along.

We talked before about how I’m not cut out for the workforce, and this is another large part of that. I get bored easily and need to keep things constantly moving. I need to switch things up often. There’s a whole world of information out there and I want to know it all and learn how to do everything under the sun.


branching out, hobby collector, diy, craft projects, jack of all trades, eclectic career


Lately, I’ve been working on organizing all of my craft stuff and finishing up a lot of projects that have been hanging around for god-knows-how-long. Some of these half-finished creations have been hanging around for decades, just like my first book did before I finally got it polished up and sent it out into the world.  As I look at the ever-growing list of tasks to complete, I can’t help but feel weighed down and, at times, overwhelmed.

I also can’t help but feel that these things work to keep me stuck in the past. In order to move forward, I need to either complete them or let them go. Or, in some cases, both.

I’ve gone through and eliminated a few things that I no longer had any interest in finishing, and now I’m set on knocking as many of them off the list as possible. Some of them I will keep for myself, others will be gifts for loved ones, and still more will be listed for sale on my new Etsy shop, hopefully by the end of the month.

I’ve often felt like the idea that a person must pick one thing and do it for the rest of their lives to be a bit absurd. I refuse to trap myself in any one box, and instead choose to embrace all my interests and talents and share them with the world. Remember what I said about bad art? As far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t exist. There’s a market for everything, even if it’s a market of one. Somebody out there is waiting for my art, and I’m going to deliver. I may even offer some tutorials on this site along the way.

So, what kind of art am I producing?

The short answer: lots of different things.

Well, as most of you know I love to doodle. Recently, I’ve digitally traced and colored a few of my hand-drawn designs and have uploaded them to my Zazzle shop for use on t-shirts, mugs, tote bags, and buttons. I love the few that I have up so far and will definitely be adding more in the future! You can check them out via the “Merch” tab above, or through the widget in my sidebar (for mobile users, it will appear below the posts).


brandyn blaze shirt designs, mugs, buttons, art, hand drawn, unique, hobby collector, craft projects

A few of the designs I have available.


Sewing is another thing I’ve always enjoyed, especially reconstructing t-shirts. I will be selling one-of-a-kind refabbed articles of clothing, as well as handbags, throw pillows, and other soft goods. I also have quite the collection of beads, brooches, and other random items that I will be turning into jewelry and using as embellishments for various projects, including home decor items.  These items will appear in my Etsy shop in the very near future, so keep your eyes peeled for updates, as I will post the link as soon as the collection is ready.

Of course, you can still look forward to new posts here, as well as more novels and, hopefully, some music in the very near future.

Life isn’t one-size fits all, so why should work be? If you take away one thing from this, let it be that you can do whatever you want with your life. If you want to do 50 billion things, find a way to make it work. This is your life, create something you love!



“Snared” Outtake: Missing Maggie (Aries POV)

***Disclaimer: Material may be inappropriate for some readers. May contain spoilers.***

When I started this series, I had intended on writing from multiple points of view. Over time, I made the decision to stick to one character per book, resulting in tons of leftover material.  This is great news for my Danni fans, as he will undoubtedly get a minimum of two novellas from his perspective, as well as a book from Miranda’s point of view.  I’ve even kicked around a book about Strut and Arielle, but that’s a ways down the line.

Somehow, Aries and Logan just didn’t wind up with the same about of material. As I dig through all these story fragments, I’ve found I still the pieces I have written from their points of view.  Rather than letting them collect dust, I’ve decided to give them a home on this blog.

If you’re familiar with this series, this piece will give you a little insight into Aries’ mind as he copes with life without Maggie. If you’re new here, you can look at this outtake as a little taste of what you can find in my “Instruments of Life” series, which you can find in the “Books” tab at the top of the screen. You can also check out a deleted scene from the first book here.

Instruments of Life Snared Book 3 Deleted Scene Outtake

I watched the woman dancing before me with nothing more than mild amusement. By all accounts, this should turn me on, but my mind is elsewhere, comparing her to someone she’ll never be.

I sipped at my beer, not caring if she could sense my boredom. At least she took direction well. Maggie had, too.

When it came to sex anyway, I recalled with a smile. In all other instances, Maggie Hawke had been insanely stubborn and driven.

God, I hate that she has his name.

I frowned and refocused my attention on the brunette gyrating in front of my bed, removing the last of her clothing. She gave me a seductive smile as she closed the gap between us, sinking to her knees and running her hands up my thighs.

I sighed and grabbed her hands, pushing her away. “You should go.”

Confusion showed on her perfectly made up face. “What?”

“Go,” I repeated.

Hurt flashed through her icy blue eyes that held none of the warmth that Maggie’s brown ones had held. She remained on the floor, sitting back on her heels as she continued to search my face. “I don’t understand.”

I shook my head and rose to my feet, reaching into my back pocket for my wallet. “Here, call yourself a cab,” I offered, handing her a few crumpled bills.

She wrinkled her nose in disgust. “I don’t need your money.”

I shrugged and tossed it on the nightstand, the grabbed my cigarettes and strode out of the room. I didn’t have time for this shit. I walked through the house and opened the back door, hoping she’d leave without a fuss. The cool air was a relief as it caressed my skin, carrying the scent of cherry blossoms from the trees I’d planted just for her.

I took a seat and lit up a smoke. I’d picked out this patio set for her as well. There had been a similar set at a restaurant we’d been to on the road, and she’d wanted to ask the owners where they’d bought them. I’d ordered them almost immediately and had a friend put them in storage. I’d wanted to surprise her when we got home. Truth be told, nearly everything in this house had been chosen with her in mind.

My thoughts turned to the girl in my bedroom. She was certainly beautiful, but she had nothing on Maggie. Like all the other girls I’d dragged home, this one seemed shallow and vacant. None of them seemed to have anything worthwhile to say, not that I wanted to keep any of them around long enough to hear it if they did. Unlike Maggie, they were all blinded by my fame. They didn’t want to get to know me, as a person. They were simply in love with an image.

I blew a cloud of smoke towards the sky. Eventually she’d come home.

I heard the door open and close and breathed a sigh of relief. Maybe I should just go inside and call Danni up and ask for his sister’s number again. He’d have to crack eventually.

I shook my head. If he hadn’t told me he’d sent her that tape, I’d have had that girl and sent her on her way. My night would have been spent wrestling with unearned guilt. It was probably better that I’d avoided that mess all together.

I let out a soft chuckle. The guilt was a fairly new phenomenon. Before I’d met Mags, I’d never given a second thought to the random women I hooked up with, even if I had a woman waiting for me at home. Now here I was, a year after she’d left and still feeling like I was somehow being unfaithful to her and relying on a veritable cocktail of mind-numbing substances to keep her out of my thoughts.

If she ever came home she’d be disgusted with what I’d become. That should be enough to force me to change, but it’s not. Knowing I’m letting her down only pushes me deeper into the hole I’ve dug for myself. All told, I deserved every ounce of this. All I could do was pray that I could one day atone for my sins.

I flicked my cigarette into the yard and rose to my feet. I’d run through these thoughts millions of times since she’d gone, sitting here ruminating on all that had gone wrong wasn’t going to change a God damn thing.

I let myself into the house and stopped at the fridge, grabbing a fresh beer before heading to my room. A quick glance at the nightstand revealed that the girl had stolen my watch. I shook my head, a wry smile creeping onto my lips. If she thought it would prompt me to call her, she was shit out of luck. I didn’t do repeats.

I sank onto the edge of the bed, where I’d been sitting just moments before. I felt just as lonely now as I did before I kicked her out. Just as lonely as I did when I was practicing with the band. I just wished it would fucking stop.

I took a large swig of my beer and sighed. Hopefully that tape had gotten through to her.

I kicked off my boots and fell back against the pillows and squeezed my eyes closed. It was still fairly early. Surely there was something I could be doing with my time. But all I wanted to do was escape.

The phone rang, jarring me out of my thoughts. I looked towards the source of interruption, not really wanting to speak to anybody. I let out a sigh and reached over, grabbing the phone off the nightstand.

“Talk to me.”

“Hey…it’s Maggie…”

I sat upright, my heart skipping a beat at the sound of her voice. “Maggie who?” I teased, suddenly feeling lighter than I had in god knows how long.

“Shut up,” she replied. The laughter in her voice brought a sense of relief.

I chuckled. “To what do I owe the pleasure?”

“Well..,” she answered slowly. “I just listened to the tapes you did with Danni…”

Fuck. I knew this was too good to be true.

“So this is a business call?” I asked, chastising myself for getting my hopes up.

“Air…” she sighed.

“It’s okay,” I assured her. Talking business was better than not talking at all. “What did you think?”

“I love it all…I made some notes and I was thinking…”

Thank fuck!

“You’re going to do the album,” I cut in, feeling like the weight had been lifted once more.

“Actually…” I heard her take a deep breath. “I was wondering how much more material you guys have?”

“Enough for a couple albums. I’ve been writing up a fuckin’ storm lately.” Mostly about you. If nothing else, you leaving gave me something to write about.

“Awesome. Here’s what I was thinking, I made a ton of notes and I think you should narrow down like, I don’t know, 8 or 9 songs and I’ll send the notes and have Danni do an EP real quick, just get something out there and get you back on the road.”

Pain shot through me as she spoke. How much worse could one night get?

“So you just called to blow me off? Fuck, Mags…first you fucking run off and now…”

“Whoa!” She cut in. “Listen, please. Just for a minute…get something out there to hold over the masses and I’ll figure some things out on my end and we can work on the next real album.”

I heaved a sigh of relief. I’d gotten myself worked up for nothing. Of course, she was coming back. I’d always known she would. “I won’t do a full album until you’re here.”

“But you’ll do an EP? Please, Air. Think of your career…I don’t want it fucked up and neither do you. Just throw together some acoustic tracks or something. Don’t spend too long on it, just put something out.”

“How do I know you’re not pulling some scheme?” I asked only, partially teasing. I wouldn’t put it past her to build me up just to get me back to work, with no intentions of giving me another chance.

She sighed. “I’ll be out there in a couple weeks to do a dress fitting for M and Danni’s wedding. We’ll get together then.”

My smile returned. “I’m holding you to that.”

“But we’re not…”

I chuckled. We’d been down this road before. “I know, babe.”

“I’m serious this time, Aries,” she protested.

“You always are.” I hung up the phone, knowing it would drive her crazy. Her heart was just as guarded as mine, but I always managed to get through. I doubted it would be as easy this time, but then again, I’d thought that before.

You can’t run forever, Mags…


“Snared” (Instruments of Life Book 3) Is Now Available!

The wait is finally over!!

It’s been a long process, but as of this morning, book three from my “Instruments of Life” is now available!


snared steamy book rockstar romance novel brandyn blaze instruments of life 1980s



Before we get into how to get your very own copy, let’s take a moment to do a brief recap, shall we?

In book one, “Broken Strings”, we joined producer Maggie Hawke as she began work with a new band, Pretty Deadly. Everything in her life seemed to be coming down around her as she found her heart torn between two rock n roll bad boys.  Facing heartbreak and betrayal, we watched as she struggled to find her place in the chaotic world around her.

“Lo-Fidelity” took us along for the ride as Maggie joined Fallen Angels on the road. Despite all the chaos, she finally began to find her own voice. When more betrayal came crashing into her life, she was desperate for a change. In a hasty move, she decides what she needs to do once and for all.

“Snared” picks up a year after the tour. With a brand new life of relative anonymity, Maggie is determined to make the best of things. When both of her exes find their way back into her life, she is forced to make a choice. Will she finally find what she’s looking for?

There’s only one way to find out!

Snared brandyn blaze Instruments of Life book cover available now rockstar romance bad boys rock n roll steamy novel


If you’re new to this series, you can now purchase the first two volumes in one easy download here, or separately as either paperback or eBook through the “Books” tab, which will direct you to the store of your choice.

For those of you who are already caught up, “Snared” is available as an ebook through AmazonBarnes and Noble, or the Apple iStore and as a paperback through Amazon or Createspace. You can also access these links in the “Books” tab above.

Don’t forget to check out these killer deleted scenes from this series as well here and here, and to come back often for more bonus material!

I would like to take a moment to thank all of my fabulous readers for joining me on this wild ride! I can’t wait to share more of Maggie’s story with you!



“Snared” Update And Giveaway!

It’s that time again! Book three is well on it’s way to completion and you know what that means: another giveaway!

It’s been a slow process this time around, between bouts of writer’s block and bursts of inspiration for other books in the series, but we are finally nearing the release of “Snared”, the third book in my “Instruments of Life” series.  It will be hitting Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and the iStore on Tuesday, May 9, 2017, and of course those links will all be available through my “Books” tab.

I am beyond excited to share this next installment of Maggie’s saga with you and to bring back all the characters you know and love.  This particular volume is quickly becoming my favorite!


Snared Instruments of Life volume 3 romance series rockstar romance novel giveaway



With the end of the project drawing ever closer, I thought I’d put together a little giveaway to celebrate. Enter today and you could win signed paperback editions of the first two books in this series series, “Broken Strings” and “Lo-Fidelity”.

For those of you unfamiliar with this series, it is a romance centered around a young record producer named Maggie Hawke and follows her story as she struggles to find her place in the fast-paced rock-n-roll scene of the 1980s. Torn between two long-haired bad boys and facing a world full of doubts, she has some tough choices ahead. If you’d like a little taste of what’s to come, you can check out some deleted scenes here and here.

To enter this giveaway, simply fill out the form below! The contest will be closed for entries at 12 AM (CST) on May 3rd , and one lucky winner will be randomly selected. I will contact the winner directly via email to confirm shipping information.

Be sure to share this with your friends and to follow me on Facebook and Twitter for more goodies like this!

Best of luck and happy reading!


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