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Ever wondered what was going through Aries’ mind the first time he really met Maggie?

At one point, I had intended to write from multiple points of view throughout the “Instruments of Life” series, but somewhere along the way I stuck with just Maggie. However, I have tons of stuff written from the other character’s perspectives that didn’t make it into the books.

The other day I ran across this piece I had written from Aries’ POV and I just had to share it here! This outtake is from the first book, “Broken Strings” and gives us a look at the effect Maggie had on Aries from the start.

For those of you who are not familiar with this series, here’s a little taste of what you can expect. If you like what you read, head on over to my “Books” tab and grab your copy of “Broken Strings” for just 99 cents!


broken strings deleted scene, book outtake Aries meets Maggie


Maggie Hawke. Of course, I knew who she was. Everyone around here did. She was quickly growing to be one of the most coveted producers around, and with good reason. Between her reputation in the field and the astronomical success of her brother and her husband, she was damn near bullet-proof.

I had assumed she’d be a bitch. Or a druggie. To be honest, in this town, I had anticipated both. If what I had seen tonight was any indication, neither of those things were true.

She was also drop-dead gorgeous.

And she’s not wearing a wedding ring.

I chuckled at the thought. It wouldn’t have made a difference if she was.

I have to have her.

I’d seen Logan a few weeks ago. He was with some trashy little blonde and wondered if they had separated or if he’s just as big of an asshole as I am. Either way, he traded down.

If she was mine I wouldn’t need anybody else.

The thought took me aback. Monogamy had never been my strong suit. Hell, relationships in general had never been my strong suit. I kept trying with Vanessa, though. When things were good, they were great. When they were bad…

I sighed. I didn’t even know this girl, but there was something about her I couldn’t resist. The conversation we’d had earlier sparked something within me that I’d never experienced before. The party was dying down and Danni was still nowhere in sight as his sister and I sat on the couch. The longer we talked the more it felt like we were the only ones who existed. It took everything in me not to drag her into my room right now.

For all intents and purposes, she’s your boss now. Don’t fuck this up, Steele.

I’d have to take it slow with this one.

Or stay away from her entirely. This could be the one to break your heart.

I pushed the thought away. I’d have to have a heart first.

Still, the way her eyes sparkled when she laughed, the way she tilted her head when she was listening to what I had to say, the way she fired back sarcasm as if it were her native language…in a few short hours I’d already come to love these things. There was something so pure about her, and I felt an overwhelming urge to keep her away from the ugliness of this world.

The sun was beginning to come up when her brother finally reappeared. I regarded him with something akin to amusement as he swayed before us.

So much for getting clean.

“Let’s go, sis,” he mumbled.

“Can you get us home?” she asked, clearly evaluating his state. The look of sadness in her eyes was enough to make me want to deck the guy.

“Fuckin’ right I can get us home!” He boasted.

She shook her head slightly, resigning to her fate. She finished what was left of her beer and rose to her feet, turning to me with a smile. “Well, it was nice talking to you, Aries.”

I smiled back. “The pleasure was all mine.”

She waved and turned to walk away.

Tell them to stay here. He doesn’t need to be on the road…

“Hey, Maggie,” I called as she neared the door.

She pivoted to face me. “Yeah?”

Damn it, I can’t ask her to stay…

“Tomorrow at 3, right?”

“Yeah,” she replied, a smile creeping onto her lips.

That smile warmed me through and I couldn’t wait to see it again. She didn’t know it yet, but she’d signed on to do more than make an album. By the time this thing was over, she’d be mine.


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